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T6 LED Tubes Directly Replace Outdated T5 Tube, Build-in Driver, G4 Pins, 10W, 13W, 15W, 18W, 20W, 22W, 25W, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft

Our T6 LED tube lights are designed to replace traditional T5 fluorescent tubes directly, it is with a built-in driver with G5 pins (bi-bin), it is the same length and base of G5, it provides brighter light and saves up to 50% electric bill.  UL CE listed with 5 year warranty and 0-10V dimmable options.

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Model Input Voltage Power Lumens PF Color temperature Product Dimensions
SS-T6-10W 85-277VAC 10W 1400LM 0.9 3000K-6000K D23 * L563mm
SS-T6-13W 85-277VAC 13W 1820LM 0.9 3000K-6000K D23 * L863mm
SS-T6-15W 85-277VAC 15W 2100LM 0.9 3000K-6000K D23 * L1163mm
SS-T6-18W 85-277VAC 18W 2520LM 0.9 3000K-6000K D23 * L1163mm
SS-T6-20W 85-277VAC 20W 2800LM 0.9 3000K-6000K D23 * L1163mm
SS-T6-22W 85-277VAC 22W 3080LM 0.9 3000K-6000K D23 * -1163mm
SS-T6-25W 85-277VAC 25W 3500LM 0.9 3000K-6000K D23 * L1463mm
0-10V Dimmable or TRIAC Dimmable for option

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