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SinoStar Lighting is a professional lighting solar light manufacturer and exporter in China of the full range of LED bulb lamps and LED tube lights to worldwide markets!

Our LED bulbs come in many shapes and sizes, including T shapes, A shapes, Candle lamps, and Emergency bulbs to replace fluorescent lamps, incandescent bulbs, halogen lamps and HPS, LPS, etc.

Our LED tubes are built for the replacement of traditional fluorescent tubes in all sizes and shapes, with different bases for different fixtures replacement and retrofit projects.  The tubes are T8 tubes, T5 tubes, T10 tubes, T12 tubes, U bent tubes, Circular Tubes, and PL fluorescent tubes.  It features different applications and functions, like waterproof LED tubes, PIR sensor LED tubes, Radar Sensor LED tubes, and Emergency Backup tubes.

LED Bulb Lamps and LED Tube Lights

LED Bulb Lamps

We provide full range of LED bulbs, like A shape, T shape, Candle, Smart bulbs, Flood light, Rechargeable emergency bulb, etc.

LED Tube Lights

We are a manufacturer of various LED tube lights for offices, residential, homes, shops, display boards, advertisement signs, parking lots, etc.

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