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SinoStar is a solar light manufacturer of LED Cleanroom Panel Light IP65 Waterproof, Quakeproof For Hospitals, Food processing,  Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Electronics Manufacturing Plants

Luminaires for general illumination in clean spaces, protecting people, products, processes, and production from contamination. Cleanroom Flat Panel Lights from SinoStar are IP65 and IP54 rated to meet the specific needs of cleanrooms and containment areas.

The luminaire is intended for controlled environments such as clean manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, health care, and other industries requiring clean environments.

The customer wants affordable, long-lasting luminaires with proven IP65 ratings that are safe to use in hygiene-sensitive applications, such as hospitals and food production facilities.

Featuring reliable high-quality light, SinoStar's LED Flat Recessed Panel Lights are versatile and can be installed in a wide range of applications. Aside from being compliant with the relevant standards (CE, EMC, RoHS), the fixtures address environmental concerns as well.

LED cleanroom panel lights, luminaires, and lighting fixtures made according to cleanroom CE RoHS Stannards have been created to meet customers' needs. With an installation of ceiling flush mounting, the cleanroom led panel light has a top opening for ease of maintenance and a smooth surface that makes it easy to clean. A PC/PMMA diffuser makes it a high lumen light fixture and enjoys high light efficiency. A long lifespan is achieved with a low light decay, and brand-LEDs provide high lumen output and do not emit blue rays.

LED Panel Lights IP65 Top Access Cleanroom for pharmaceutical Research Semiconductor, biosafety Vivariums Cleanrooms Laboratories Anteroom

LED Flat Panel Light for Cleanroom IP65 Waterproof

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