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Far UV 222nm Sterilizer, No Harm to Human's Eyes and Skin

This product is our company's latest technology product, Far 222 nm UVC sterilizer. Authoritative research shows that: far-ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 222nm is not only harmless to human skin and eyes but also does not contain harmful materials such as mercury, no ozone is released, and can be completely environmentally friendly. In the experiment of sterilizing bacteria on the skin, the bactericidal effect of 222nm far-ultraviolet light is equivalent. The experiment proves that 222nm UVC radiation will not cause skin cancer. Because of this, this product adopts Far 222 nm UVC sterilizer technology for R&D and production, which can be widely used in daily life, medical institutions, schools, shopping malls, airports, hotels, and other public places to realize the coexistence of human and machine sterilization truly.FAR UV 222NM STERLIZER222nm uvc germicial light ls222nm uvc germicial light update222nm uvc germicial light working

Product Far 222 nm UVC sterilizer
Model SS-UVC-F60
Size 138x138x395mm
Weight 1.2kg
Rated Voltage AC220V/AC110V
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Working Voltage DC12V
Working Current 5A
UV Lamp Power 60W
Carton Size 205x165x448mm
Gross Weight 1.6kg
What's in the box Main Unit x1
Adapter x1
User's Manual x1

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