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Order and Payment

Order and Payment

 For sample and small orders, we accept:

  • Bank Wire Transfer to our bank account
  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • WeChat Pay (RMB only)
  • AliPay (RMB only)

For large and regular orders, we accept:

  • Bank Wire Transfer to our company bank account
  • Letter of Credit
  • We accept US dollars, Euros, Hong Kong dollars, and RMB.

How to order?

 1. You tell us the model and quantity you want by online inquiry, e-mail, or telephone.
 2. We will calculate the total cost for you and send you a proforma invoice with our bank account information.
 3. You arrange the payment according to the proforma invoice.
 4. We will start your order after payment is confirmed.
 5. We will arrange the delivery after the goods are completed.

I want to purchase directly from a manufacturer, are you a manufacturer?

We are a manufacturer located in Foshan city, Guangdong province, only 3 hours’ drive from Hongkong, 2 hours’ drive from Shenzhen city, and one hour’s drive from Guangzhou city, the capital of Guangdong province.

Does SinoStar accept OEM orders?

Yes. We are well experienced in OEM service. We have a laser marker to mark the customer’s information (logo, company name etc) on the products. You can send us your brand design if you prefer.

Do you accept credit cards?

We only accept credit cards for certain old customers. We suggest you arrange payment via the methods mentioned above.

How do you ship your order?

We usually ship small orders by air. There are many international couriers for your option, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and China EMS.  If you already have an account with DHL, UPS, or other couriers, you can advise us in advance and we can send the goods to your account.
We usually ship large orders by sea.  In general, the ocean shipment will spend more days than by air.  So the shipping way is subject to your demand in advance.  And customs clearance paperwork and procedures will be handled by the forwarder. In case of any additional documentation, SinoStar will assist the forwarder with it as much as possible.

Quick Contact

  1. WhatsApp: +8613929906076
  4. Phone: +86-757-8398 2666 

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